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Rework of Maxwell

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We know that guy pretty much from singleplayer, and we know how sucky he is for newbies, yes, it might be overpowered later, but most of the time our old pal is the gatherer of the wood. In this topic i'd provide some changes to make him more friendly for newbies.


For now on he doesn't need tools or shadow fuel to actually 'craft' the shadows. Don't get me wrong, we will still be able to produce them, but in other way, because it completely have no sense for me when you craft a minion, that is pretty much lively.


Instead of crafting minions, he would add shadow fuel to the codex umbra, you can't give 1 and except a minion tho, you need to give amount of 8 shadow fuel, but wait, there's interesting thing i want to tell you about to explain why so expensive, just wait patiently!


Need to mention, that he have quite lesser sanity chunk 'bitten' but the max amount of shadows don't change, new players hate when they loss sanity, and it's also annoying for pro players sometimes, remember we want maxwell more wanted by newbies


After you summon one minion he appears without any gear, you need to give him one, AI doesn't change here when you go single shadow, but there comes pretty darn interesting thing! The shadow stacks when they have a equal copy of them, works quite like the shadow knight, rook and bishop fight, but they just combine instead of one die, other level up. Every have their unique way of level up

The axe shadows gain more hands and cuts trees very fast, it also costs a few less chops to chop it (i mean two or more axes is beeing used here), it also gain in size and hp, but that's obvious.

The shovel shadow have a new unique way to lewel however, not only he shovels up the things pickable by shovel, but also on the max level they can actually scare off ghosts! (Because we know about the gravedigger job) remember, it includes abigail too, but instead of running she will attack him and he has no way of attacking back, so better don't have him max level when you got wendy in team. 

The pickaxe shadow is quite simmiliar to the tree one, but gain more muscles, so he mines faster, nothing special, however biggest change comes to the last one.

the fighter shadow. we know that shadow is mostly ignored because of how weak that freak is, but in this rework, he also gains more hp and size when stacked, like other ones, but you might ask why i didn't said spear shadow. That's because you can give them any weapon! Forget spears, when we have ham bat/ shadow sword beast! This shadow will have 350 health and a littliest bit higher damage than full belly wolfgang.


Also every buff from warly spices include shadows, when maxwell eat one! Just not the effects (so don't hope about volt jelly spicy combo on minion or glowing minions).


Also remember insanity creatures? They are quite more passive towards maxwell as they recognise him as old leader and they give him one free hit, charlie on the other hand isn't like that. 


Not only this update could explain about some lore about maxwell, which we really want to have, because of the thing that fella started it all, but also make newbies use maxwell more frequently.

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