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New lunar island connected character!

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For good chunk amount of time we got lunar island in the game, though we still don't know almost anything about it! I though of pretty balanced and good teammate character, so you can actually have a valuable help!


This will be long thread, so get yourself a popcorn and take a seat!


First off, if klei actually would want to add this, i'd be very, very happy to hear this, since no company actually ever wanted my ideas (which was good i think), so thanks for reading!


Okay, let's get down to the topic.

I introduce you newest character! Meet Worton! (Think of better name if this is bad)

The character we will talk on will be way different than others in the terms of work, since the hunger and sanity switch places when you eat something (like you eat meaty stew and you got instant sanity), meaning that you need to eat sanity foods to fill your stomach and stomach foods to 'fill your brain'. You'll 'say why's that?' well, lunar doesn't say enough? Space? Galaxy? Nevermind of that, his special ability is to actually doesn't feel 'tired' on lunar island when on max sanity! He also comes with something very unique to him helping the team, he can make lunar helmets that can keep eligtenment on the normal land without any 'lunar ghosts' and 'beeing tired', although hat has very short use, because it operates max only 1.5 minutes, but it gives good amount of sanity (which means that keeps our pal well fed). He can also craft some other recipies, but it's all up to klei! That was part of my idea, now your job is to think about it guys! 


C'ya and to the next one!

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