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in the world of dst there is one merchant base character (not including the strange skin merchant from the menu) but the pig king who we can agree isn’t so valuable once you get over early part of the game, however have we ever giving thought to another merchant base creature that would trade a item for another but way more useful then gold but not a thing to take likely... introducing the traitor trader

- how the traitor trader would work

once every 5 days the traitor trader would appear near your base and will wonder about until it is interacted with, the trader once interacted with will reveal a item which lies upon his palm and will only give it for a certain price, the price can range from raw resources, refined resources, junk, magical stuff, your sanity, your hunger, your health, or even your very life can be the price for his strange curio. How he works in terms of value range will give you items which you could need in the future or need right now however sometimes the price will out weigh the item, You can buy up to 5 items until he decides to close up shop and disappears just to reappear after another 5 days.

- buyer beware

The traitor trader will by chance sell a new item known as the curio box which can contain a valuable item, a bad item, or something very dangerous

And that’s it...

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