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Looking for friends to play with

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Hi guys! I just got back into playing Don’t Starve Together on console and I am looking for some people that are interred in starting a game with me. I mainly play on Xbox one since I like the bigger screen and I like to keep it simple and just play the game without much modifications, but I am flexible with any world changes. I normally play around 11pm-3am MST (Edmonton, Canada), but my schedule is a bit flexible. I am not a complete expert, but I am still knowledgeable enough to survive and start a decent base with enough resources. I mainly just like having fun, making a big base, and exploring new areas. There are still some things I haven’t explored in the game and would like to do so with a friend since it gets lonely. If you are interested, please add me on Xbox or drop a message. Gamer tag: Hackernom6x6.

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