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Pets should have abilities!!

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pets should have the ability to transform and and actually have abilities.Becuase so far they are pretty useless and are only there for pure fun.

Different pets should have different abiltities.Varglings for example should be able to sniff out bones and bury them and attack enemies.While the kitty kit should be able to do what a cat coon does and spit out items while being able to attack.Pets should have a use in the game.pets also shouldn't be immortal they all should have health based on their rarity and complexity.Life for example:A broodling should have the most health becuase of how hard it is to get this pet.These ideas should apply to all pets.The petting mechanic is still a good addition and should still be in the game.

If you guys got any other ideas then tell me below.Please let Klei entertainment see this!!!


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