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Ruins: testers wanted

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The Ruins mod places portions of other users' bases into your world when it's created. The goal is to make exploring a little more interesting - you might come across a submerged and half-destroyed barracks, or a farm buried under rock. The idea is that this isn't the first time the Printing Pod has tried to boot up a colony on this particular asteroid.

Download the mod with the link below and copy the Ruins folder to Documents/Klei/OxygenNotIncluded/mods/local/. Enable it in the Mods screen and start a new game. It should download one of the templates and paste it in the world; check output_log.txt for exceptions if it didn't. To upload your base so that other people can play with it, hit Escape and click the "Upload Ruins" button.


There's a config file in the mod directory that you can use to tune the building selection algorithm.

I'm particularly interested to get some large and varied bases uploaded, and to hear what tweaks to the config file give the best results.

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