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Weslee character concept

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the befitting bard

”I’m in a dangerous world doesn’t mean I can’t play”


- doesn’t like a quiet world 

weslee will lose sanity if she dose not hear music, she can regain sanity from her music or the progress and danger music

- is a talented musician and instrument maker

starts off with her own instrument the lute and is able to craft other instrument  

is able to craft other instruments 

Her crafting tab consist of 

= lute

her prized instrument, use to regain sanity and calm agitated creatures with no price except for durability 

= trumpet 

use to scare away creatures for the cost of hunger

= violin 

use to stun creatures with a irritating note for the cost of sanity

= flute

Use to attract creatures for that cost of sanity

= piano

a structure once placed can be intersected with weslee, the piano can create different effects from stunning enemy’s with a high note to putting them to rest with a low note

- has a stronger mind

Sanity drains brought upon unnatural objects such as evil flowers or anything that casts a sanity drain, her mind will resist the sanity drain and Slow it down


that was my weslee concept, anyone have any feedback :)


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