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Can't move after exiting volcano


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After I exited the volcano, my character got stuck. I could do things in my inventory an access the map, but could not rotate, zoom or move. First, I tried using commands to move away, but I still couldn't move. I tried restarting the game, but every time I tried to load my file, the game crashed. Due to the debug message, I think it has to do something me ramming a jellyfish just before entering the volcano. I disabled all my mods.

Is there anybody who knows what to do here? This was a treasured, long-going world. I am using IOS. I don't know much about computers and coding, so I won't understand most of the commands and file-stuff.


Schermafbeelding 2020-03-23 om 18.45.05.png

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You got the ever dreaded Quackering Ram FX bug, which occurs due to the spawned FX no longer having the string it's given by the Quackering Ram on reload. Luckily, unlike most game ending bugs this one's an easy fix. Just install the mod below that gives the FX the string it needs so the game doesn't crash, and volia! No crash! You can disable the mod after if you'd like, though if you use the Quackering Ram a lot you might want to keep it enabled in order to avoid the crash in the future.


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