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- Configuration potions

these potions once consumed, the player will become the creature in which they had chosen however once they have transformed all of their items, health, damage, sanity, speed and hunger will change to the creatures

the potions of configurations consist of

= potion of the angered woods

become a tree guardian 

= potion of the gluttonous pig

become a pigmen

= potion of the silky crawler

become a spider

= potion of the hungry wolf

become a hound

= potion of the greedy bird

become a gobbler

Mind you if you transform back to your normal form you will suffer a bit of a sanity drain

- wisp away

once you had drink the potion your character will fall dead and then your characters ghost will come alive, however your friends will not suffer a sanity drain and you can return to your body at anytime before the timer is over, Once you wake up from your journey of the dead you might be a bit hungry

- transmutation cordial

much like the lunar potion, you can use this potion to change a item to something else but the item must be of natural origin like rock, wood, grass, gems, can not be crafted items

- potent transmutation cordial

this version is however more stronger and can yield more promising results and can be used on creatures but not giants or bosses

- poison vile

it’s used to make your weapons more deadly in terms of after effect, once the poison is applied to a creature they will receive damage over time but the poison won’t last so keep on poking it, you can also give it to pigmen and apply it to food

- potent poison vile

its more stronger


That was my hallowed nights potions concepts, if anyone has any questions I will gladly answer them :)



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12 hours ago, Mr0idealistic said:

- Configuration potions

This is like, very Wortox.


12 hours ago, Mr0idealistic said:

- wisp away


12 hours ago, Mr0idealistic said:



12 hours ago, Mr0idealistic said:

- poison vile

I have no hope that the poison will be supplemented with DSTogether. 

But it got me thinking about poisoned food, it would be cool to be able to poison the hambat and allow other creatures to eat it and take damage for it.

So when dead they would drop the hambat with less durability or rotten.
Because you put pepper, red mushroom, petals of evil and everything bad.

No ... I can live without that last one.

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