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Wendy Rework Needs Buff

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I've been playing this game since I was eleven (I'm sixteen now) and this game still blows my mind. I'm maxwell main because I'm obsessed with characters like him. Anyway this rework is good really good but still it is not enough
so I'm just goning to make some suggestions.
Fİrst of all Abigail needs a speed buff because beffalos can kill her easily
when wendy's health is low abigail deals more damage and its ok but instead of being at 1 hp with full damage we should be atleast 50 or 30HP for the max damage
Pipspooks should give 6 Mourning Glory instead of 7 
There should be new elixirs that needs 12 Mourning Glory and 2 nightmare fuel and with this we can buff Abigail's max health by 150 HP
We should use 2 elixirs at a time instead of 1
some elixirs doesnt last long so instead of 1 minute they should be at least half a day
the shield elixirs (I forgot its name) definitly needs a buff and instead of 1 wood it should want 2 woods or more 
this is the most I can think of and I'm sure that wendy needs these buffs. It's a wonderful and an interesting character so what do think needs to change for wendy?


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