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The shipwreck creatures

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This topic connected to the event of the sea topic, for those who hasn’t read I suggest reading it before you read this

like i said from last topic I would talk about the creatures on the shipwreck so let’s begin

Creatures that are contained in the containers...

- cutterfly

unlike your gentle and weak butterfly, this one is larger in size and sports sharp wings


normal speed

combat movement

:cutting spin: the cutterfly will spin across the area, damaging anyone who is in its path

:swipe: it will swipe anyone who try’s to melee the cutterfly


if you kill it, you will receive 2 cutter wings

how to use cutter wings

the cutter wings is a melee based weapon that can also be use as a good oar

- clockwork siren

 A mechanical humanoid looking women with a gramophone shaped head



combat movement

:sing: the siren will sing to put the player in a trance

:screech: once the siren gets close enough she will do a screech that will damage the player 


once you kill the clockwork siren, you will receive some gears and a siren horn

how to use siren horn

when you use if a creatures hears it they will run around in panic 

- sea horse

Aquatic looking horse


slow when neutral / fast when angered

combat movement

:rush: the sea horse will charge at the player

:kick: the sea horse if next to the player, will kick them

:additional: the sea horse can perform all these attacks on sea


once you kill the sea horse you will be rewarded with meat and fish


giant of the shipwreck

- the sea warlord

As you acquire the captains chest key from one of the contained beasts, you approached the captains chest in which is stuck in the skeletons rib cage you stick the key in the hole and then, the skeleton comes alive and the battle begins



combat movement

:slash: the warlord will use its cutlass to strike down on the enemy

:crew assemble: the warlord will call upon his undead crew to aid him in his battle

:bomb: the warlord will grab hold of a bomb and throw it at the player


after finally putting a end in the warlords life, you acquire the chest and then unlocked it in which you have gained the warlords compass 

how to use the warlords compass

if you visit a grave and use the compass on it, the compass will tell you what’s in the grave, it will also point towards items of great value


Whats also on the shipwreck

- ghosts

- spiders 

- merms

- cookie cutters

and that’s the shipwreck creatures concept, dose anyone want to give me feedback :)


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