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Lunar island giant concept

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As like any other land, there must be a giant and so here it is

- the hermit crab

when wondering around the island, you will discover a rather odd moon shape rock, if you try to mine it you will awaken a giant known as the hermit crab



combat movement

- On land

:smash: it will use its large crab claw and try to crush the player with it

:passive: it will induce sanity

:bubbled: it will spit out bubbles containing creatures it had consumed and once those bubbles are popped the creatures will come into play

- on sea

:push: it will push the raft 

:duck and cover: if it takes to much damage, it will retreat in to the water leaving his shell at the top, during this time you can mine his shell

:smash: the same thing

- without shell

instead of intensifying the battle, the hermit crab will retreat back to the island and try to hide, at this point you can hit it and it won’t fight back

- rewards

Once you kill the crab, you will receive the crab pincer

- how to use it 

Much like scissors, it can cut in half a tree and rocks, it can even slice walls

dose have durability 

And that was my lunar giant concept, any one want to give me feedback:)




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