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Suggestion: Elevators for Sweepy and Duplicants

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since the tranist pipes are useful but takes much space so elevators would work simllarly to tubes but have elevator car in shaft  so to make elevator work

needs the power and dupes and sweepy can use elevator with everyone in - travel up or down in same car also abity to call elevator by automation example at wake up time elevator comes down to bedrooms level also can disable elevator during fires or emergencies via automation


parts would be landing Doors with call buttons (input for automation) and shaft parts and motor room (input for power and automation) and elevator car to placed in shafts


so how its works

dupe goes to landing door and presses button - this sends signal to elevator - once elevator gets signal and moves to landing doors and opens door for dupe to board - once he or she is inside - she/he presses the button - to go up or down then elevator closes landing doors and goes up or down depends on dupes choice - once elevator reaches at denstion - elevator opens landing doors to allow disbeark dupes out of elevator (note if dupes are not going get off at that floor - they will stay on elevator)

other uses for elevator can be - cargo elevator - simllar to belt but more upgraded - dupes load the elevator and sends elevator to floor where dupes can unload the goods - example farms with alot of food to transport

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