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How do I port dontstarve.fev/.fsb sounds to base game?

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The problem I have is that dontstarve.fev/fsb from DST conflicts with dontstarve.fev/fsb from Don't Starve. Changing the file name doesn't work because the game references the sounds using bank/build names. 


So my questions are:

1: Does anyone know how to rename the bank/build name of dontstarve.fev and dontstarve.fsb to remove the naming conflict?

If not then...

2: Is there some other way to port the sounds without have to replicate the fdp file?

If not then...

3:Does anyone know how to properly replicate the fdp? I have already ported a few sounds using this method though I can't seem to replicate looping sounds properly (like the moondial's overflowing sound).

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