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Can't feed pigs anymore

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Hi everyone, I'm playing Don't Starve Rog (200 days more or less), and i builted a pig farms to have a constant meat resource. The problem is: last time i went to this farm i find pigs with strange line on their heads (like if they are angry or scared) and they don't accept my food. I can't feed pigs to make them fighting and collect meat. Any suggestion? I tried to destroy some pig houses and rebuilt new houses. I tryed to kill every pig and wait new ones respawn. I tryed a lot of thing but still can't feed them. I'm in winter atm (i dont know if its related). Thanks for replies

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From what I know, pigs don't have any limit based on the amount of food they can eat. Similarly, season don't affect this. Sounds like a bug. Could you please send a screenshot of the pigs?

Also, what are you feeding them?

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