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Feature request: A setting for setting default priority

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It would be nice if we were able to set the default priority of a colony/game. 

During setting up of comet, maybe under "advanced settings" (or what it's called where the sliders are for difficulties) the same priority setting as under "P" in-game. That setting would translate to everything for defaults, so when you open a save game, that's its default. When you start the game, boom, default. 


Well, I like playing with the priorities a lot, however, as everything starts as "5", pretty much the only playing around is done above that. Setting up a project? Everything a 5. Project setup done? Make sure they do infrastructure first (to prevent them killing themselves): 8. Digging and building before infrastructure? 6. After infrastructure, 7. 

Near-emergencies: 9. 

Anything that can be put on the back-burner? randomly click something under 5, doesn't matter. 

To make < 5 matter I would like the default to be 3, because the "back-burner" projects are usually not that many, so, for me, having just 1 & 2 is more than plenty. What I see on Youtube, this goes for a lot more gamers than just me as well. (on YT, pretty much everything is 5, for the video things need to get done: 9). 

Maybe this could be set during a game as well, via the options menu, but require a reload of the map and not adjust the already set priotities. 

I dunno, just an idea, I would like it though ;)

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