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Story Expansions (Suggestion/Idea)

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So I've heard that Klei is trying to work on some DLC for ONI, and immediately the first thing my brain went to for this DLC are Story Expansions.

Preset Bases/Planets that hold a set quest or story you have to follow, and with this "Story" idea in mind, I managed to think up a few scenarios that are suitable in the ONI universe. But of course, I don't work for Klei so I'm not sure what will work in ONI and what will not. So I'm willing to voice some of my ideas for scenarios that I think provide some new interesting mechanics, and provide some fun and entertainment to those who play them!

However, this is the only idea/suggestion I have in mind that is the most completed.
I hope you enjoy!

"Broken To Poison"

Duplicant Count
1 or more

After surviving for over 100 Cycles, a colony had suddenly fallen to the hands of death for unknown reasons, despite it functioning extremely well. Leaving the remains of Duplicants, and a base that had slowly been taken back by the Asteroid. Until after a long time of this base expiring, for the first time a Duplicant was printed into the base. With the Printing Pod giving into its rust and damage, crumbled to a pile of bits and pieces, unable to be repaired. As the Duplicant set foot into this crumbled home with a bitter taste in the air, it was finally time to find out what had happened to the colony... and survive long enough till help may arrive.

Discover why the Colony had failed to survive.
2. Send discovered information to other existing Colonies.
3. Reach the Rescue Pod and escape
Must Complete goal within a certain amount of Cycles:
Effortless - 400 Cycles
No Sweat - 300 Cycles
Survival - 200 Cycles
Harsh - 150 Cycles
Nightmare - 100 Cycles

Mechanics (In Mind)
Sanity - Replacement of Stress. The Lower the Sanity, the more distraught the Duplicant is. The Higher the Sanity, the more relaxed the Duplicant is. Various events, situations, items, etc. can either increase or decrease Sanity. Upon Sanity reaching 0%, the Scenario ends, game over. Applies only to the First Duplicant, not Built Duplicants.

Toxicity Levels - Slowly over time, the Oxygen and gases will become increasingly toxic depending on the gas, requiring a filter to purify 50-75% of the toxicity. Toxicity Levels start at 1, max at 20 but can exceed to higher levels. Every now and then, the toxicity will lower.
Level 4 and below: Duplicant suffers no negative effects.
Level 5-9: Duplicant is vulnerable to diseases. (10%/15%/20%/25%)
Level 10-4: Duplicant is more vulnerable to diseases (30%/35%/40%/45%) and shows decreased health (-20/-25/-30/-35)
Level 15-19: Duplicant is far more vulnerable to diseases (50%/60%/70%/80%), shows further decreased health (-40/-50/-60/-70) and signs of internal damages (Duplicant suffers small overtime damage. 15-20HP Lost Per Cycle)
Level 20+: Duplicant is guaranteed to fall ill, Duplicant has lost half of their maximum health, and internal damages have become severe. (Within one cycle, if untreated, will guarantee a Scenario End)

Genetic Engineering - As with the lack of a proper, functioning Printing Pod, to survive in this toxic wasteland will require building of Duplicants by hand. With the use of a Mini Pod, Genetic Ooze can be combined to create traits and bodies suitable for Duplicants. However creating Duplicants will take a long time. Depending on how many traits a Duplicant is given, the number of errors in that Duplicant can vary.
0-1 Positive Traits - 1 Error
2-4 Positive Traits - 3 Errors
5+ Positive Traits - All Genetic Ooze put into Duplicant is lost.

Buildings (In Mind)
Mini Pod - With the remains of the Printing Pod, some things can be saved. Allowing prints of Genetic Ooze, containing genes for Duplicants, used in Genetic Engineering.

Purified Filter - Must be Researched. Purified Filters are designed to lower the Toxicity Level of all gases by 2-3 Levels that are within range of the Filter. As well as filtering 25% of Polluted Oxygen into Oxygen.

Purified Space Vent - MUST be Researched. The Purified Space Vent is a vent with the range of the entire Asteroid, however must be exposed to space. Is capable of purifying the entire Asteroid's toxicity by 6-10 Levels, however requires 25 Cycles to be used again. Only one can exist. Deconstructing and Reconstructing during the cool down will release the amount of Toxicity Levels it had purified previously.

Gas Mask - Must be Researched. Upon the Duplicant equipping the Gas Mask, all breathed gases will be nullified in toxicity by 3 Levels. Will need to be repaired after constant use.

Doomsday Clock - An immediately discovered build. Will state how many more Cycles are left before the Asteroid becomes uninhabitable for any and all life.

Vile Thermometer - Must be Researched. States the current Toxicity Level, how quickly the Toxicity Levels are rising, and when the Toxicity Levels will lower naturally.

Intergalactic Telephone - Must be Researched. Allows contact between Colonies, allowing the request of resources and the ability to inform Colonies on what Information has been found so far of what has caused the downfall of the Colony.


So far, that is all that I have in mind for this Story Scenario, I'd absolutely be willing to provide more scenario ideas when I can! <3

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