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Mistakes were made?

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So I started a run as Webber in RoG. Found a place to make a base. It was right near an already thriving spider colony. It was also near a pig village. So I'm getting attacked during the day and realize this was a mistake. I freaking died and ended up having to walk all the way back at one point. So I made the most logical decision: waited till nighttime, gathered some spider friends, and raided the village. I now have a lot of materials to make several football helmets as well as a place to put my farm.  

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Mistakes continue to be made now that I've purchased Shipwrecked. Playing as Webber, 'cause why not?, and doing not too badly. Six days in and I find somewhere I want to base at. And amazingly on this island is a dead survivor with FIVE OBSIDIAN AND THE VOLCANO STAFF laying nearby. I think, "Wow this will be great to have early game!" Second that I pick up the staff I get the warning for an eruption. I didn't even use the staff. Next thing I know I'm trying to dodge flaming boulders and fail. 

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