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Archery mod

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Has any one figured out a fix to get this to work? I suspect that my lua error is from this, as I very carefully checked my other mods before playing.   I know ZupaleX hasn't been on in quite some time, but I'm really hoping someone has figured a work around for it that I could do in the meantime.   

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First - correct section for this kind of post would be DST Mods & Tools.


Second - best chances for you to get an answer regarding some specific mod (in this case Archery Mod [DST Version]) would be to directly contact said mod's author(s) - looks 3 people are responsible for Archery, so you should continue with other 2 if one of them doesn't respond/is "MIA". If none will, and looking at this mod last update (19 Nov, 2017), plus the fact none of its modders interacted with any of the comments (since 23 Aug, 2019 when, quote "I am on vacations and just read the comments and bug reports. I will be looking at a fix soon but probably won't be before first week of September"), most likely this mod was forked/is defunct. Thus you could ask another notable modder to take a look at this mod (in DST Mods & Tools section) and maybe come up with some fix after you also provide them with the error (LUA) message you get. Gl!

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