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Sanity and combat

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I think both of sanity and combat basics are a need of a rework and sanity the most it's suppose to be a bad thing to be insane but it's not. You can farm. NF and the shadow monsters are not hard at all they make 0 threats and basically being insane is better than sane you get better gear for free since it's so easy. and boring because the same monsters never change the way the attack or move or think every time with the same attacks and not very much anything else. I think we need more shadow monsters variations and some new attacks for the monsters. Not just the bland get close attack. Something like a charging attack or shooting something 

Or a new shadow creature that can't move but he attacks you with spikes from underneath the ground like the lunar moon island spiders and you have to hit him couple of times before he blinks away. 

The conclusion is that insanity is supposed to be hard and it's not. It's better to stay insane than sane. 

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