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Some ideas for a future webber rework

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Well, we saw the roadmap, and we saw the hints of the next character rework, my personal therory is either wendy or webber, and as a long time webber player i think webber could have some changes and upgrades i think would be balanced and cool to see in the game, since webber (although hes a good character) has some flaws that i think could be fixed, some of my ideas are:                            (also, sorry for grammar/redaction mistakes)




Webber should be able to move spider eggs: yep, webber is a spider and just like hes able to craft and upgrade spider eggs, i believe he should be able to pick them up, now this may get a little broken, but i think with the other changes it can fit in a balanced way


Webber should be able to get some control over spiders: in a lot of places (including the game) you can see spiders being a hive mind, if one gets attacked by something or someone, all the nest and other nerby spiders go to help, just like they attack, well i think webber should be able to give the spiders basic orders since hes a "Superior" spider. some of the commands could be to attack something, to NOT attack something (like gloomer, chester or other players that may be nearby) to stay in the nest, and to go out of the nest. also since, how i said, spiders defend each other i think spiders should go out of the nest to defend webber when attacked.


"Civil wars must be removed": the webber players use a strategy wich consists of feeding a spider, and making it fight another spider, and since the rest attack the first attacker, they get into a war between themselves, wich ends on their dead, and with that, all the loot left behind goes straight to webber, who is unharmed, this provides webber an infinite amount of food,healing and silk, maybe the way to remove this is to change the spiders AI or to make the spiders attack webber, since they are all attacking each other



More variety: so, i know we have spiders, warrior spiders, cave spiders and dangling spiders, and recently moon spiders,(wich i really think were a step on the right direction) but i really believe since on the surface we only have 2 spiders type (and a queen) i believe more nest tiers, or more type of spiders would be really helpful, the way to do this would be to add new crafting recipes for new spider eggs wich spawn special spiders some of the spiders i have thought of are

harder, better warrior spiders: maybe they could shoot and die high damage, or they could hide in a shell when attacked

a healer spider, since spiders always take care of each other i think a healing spider would really fit, it would basically aid nearby hurt spiders with spider glands and would have low hp and damage. (also, as a general upgrade, i think spiders should run away towards the nest or these healing spiders when at low hp)


a summoner spider: its a combat spider wich sends smaller baby spiders to the fight, these wouldnt deal much damage and would have low hp, but as a crowd could deal some damage, the spider itself should be static in one place with low hp the baby spiders shouldnt be targeted by enemies since that wouldlet them stunlocked trying to fight the crowd of baby spiders, instead they shuold die when they hit once


also, i would like to say these special nests should be late game and pretty expensive to craft, since they are pretty powerful


and as a general spider upgrade, they shouldnt be stunlocked and they shouldnt do that weird "scared" animation



idk if you like these ideas or not, personally i would love to see them added in a future update let me know  what you think!

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