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Console command to plug back an opened Sinkhole

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As per title, a friend asked me if I knew what the console command is to re-plug an opened Sinkhole, basically this:


(yeey simple diagrams)

As I stupe-fabulously have no clue, will pass here the question. Ty in advance for whomever may provide a le answer! :)


(and yes, I knew and suggested the placing of a Bunnyman Hutch or Pig House beside said opened sinkhole, but they - my friend and his buddies - don't want the additional hassles those mobs bring about over time)

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So as to give a conclusion to this thread and ....answer myself because ofc I ended up doing so, heh, here's the inquired command:


local inst = c_find("cave_entrance_open");if not inst then return end;local closeinst = SpawnPrefab("cave_entrance");closeinst.Transform:SetPosition(inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition());http://closeinst.components.worldmigrator.id = inst.components.worldmigrator.id;closeinst.components.worldmigrator.linkedWorld = inst.components.worldmigrator.linkedWorld; closeinst.components.worldmigrator.receivedPortal = inst.components.worldmigrator.receivedPortal;inst:Remove();

After some consultation with mentioned friend we found a Workshop mod dealing with opened Sinkholes - Cave Guardian - and he asked directly there the author :)

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