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Wes rework

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Lets be honest, Wes is in the game just to make the players suffer like dark souls do, wes have literally 0 positve points so is like a bad dark souls game, wes can be hard and game rewards, a lot of games have characters like this, in my opinion wigfrid do this paper in DST.

So, lets talk about my ideia to that rework:

-Ballonmancy, that passive dont does anything in current game patch, but rework this to be effective is easily:

-Ballonmancy can mimicate some enemys, like do carrat ballons, pig ballons, spider ballons, and that ballons interact with the specie, like do a ballon pig, and that ballon pig join to pig party, that would be great, think with me, a false pig, taking damage from another a hostile mob makes the pig take the agro, the same for the spiders;

-Ballons sanity aura, do ballons consume sanity but stay with  mimicate friend ballon like, a random character ballon (maxwell, wigfrid, etc...) makes a sanity boost to wes boi. "A real skilled mimetic"


-Quiet, for me, be quiet can be a mechanic, think with me he only can write on chat, he never talks about the hounds or another bosses, but be quiet can reduce the hostile mobs aggro, like spiders just be summoned if he attack the web casule, or the hound be boring with the chase early, "he dont talk a lot, like a tree on the map".


-Trouble to stay alive, man that mechanic is hard to make a balance, but i have some idea, makes he faster hungry and take 2x the damage, can balance with a little loss of sanity, "trouble to stay alive but still determined".


Probably if the char be like this one day, i will be main.

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