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A rework idea for Wilson.

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Whenever Wilson reworks are discussed, its usually about how to expand upon his ability to grow a beard, and make use of the hair. It makes sense, to try to expand with what we got at the moment, but I believe its a bit silly to reduce Wilson's in game identity to "the beard guy" 

The question is, what else is ther to Wilson? we know he has a knack for engineering, and some of the more crude forms of medicine, altough some of these ideas are better covered by other characters like Winona and Wagstaff.

Then it occurs to me, that Wilson spent an indefinite amount of time sitting at Maxwells throne before being released from it by Charlie. Seems reasonabel to me, then, that the little guy may have caught a bit of the shadow's essence in his brief stay at the throne.

That is the basis for my idea: 


Shadow Wilson.

Crafting a Dubious Effigy with beard hair and nightmare fuel, Wilson can summon, for half a day, a bigger, leaner, and meaner clone of himself, that always follows two steps behind him, is untargetable, and copies most actions Wilson takes, summoning shadow versions of the tool that Wilson has in hand as needed. If wilson chops at a three, the shadow will do so as well one beat later, effectively doubling the speed of gathering wood and rocks. as you can imagine, the shadow will also double Wilsons damage in combat simply by virtue of giving him twice as many hits! Unfortunately the shadow being untargettable also means it wont be taking any hits for you, so its a purely offensive buff in combat.

For every boon we get in the Constant, a price must be paid, and Shadow Wilson is no different. While the shadow is active, both hunger and sanity get a small decrease over time debuff. Meant to sap away about half of your max total for the total duration of the summoning. The penalties shouldnt be too severe, i believe, in order to encourage summoning the shadow for the simple task of gathering resources.

I think this would be good enough to reflect a nascent ability to control the shados, that still isnt as good as maxwells but has different applications.

How much damage should the shadow do? rather than being a reflection of Wilson's damage, perhaps it should be a fixed amount? makes it stronger at the start, but at the end, for fairness sake, a Wilson equipped with the best weapon and the clone out, still should do less damage than a Wolfgang with the same weapon and Mighty status. I think Wolfgang players have to deal with a big hunger malus for their entire playtrough and thus deserve to always remain at top spot in damage. 

Also, it would be funny if the shadow also reflected Wilson's beard's growth state.

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