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Triggering ShakeAllCamera

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Hi to all who might read this thread, need some help here. Would be very grateful for it.


Here's the problem, trying to get the screen to shake in an onattack function when a "crit" procs. The function is in a weapon, not specific to the char.

Code is:

local CRITCHANCE = 1 -- should be math.random but 100 for now

- -

local function onattack(inst, owner, target)
	local health = target.components.health
	if math.random() < CRITCHANCE then
		health:DoDelta(-999) -- absurd value to know legit kill
        owner.components.talker:Say("Crit!") -- proc success notif
		owner.components.playercontroller:ShakeAllCameras(CAMERASHAKE.VERTICAL,.5, .01, .05, owner, .01)

I think I'm doing ShakeAllCameras wrong? I just applied what I saw in another thread, forgive me if my application is entirely wrong. Also, was thinking of using groundpoundringfx component to add more of an "oomph" during the crit, any clues on how to do that?

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