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[Bug Report] Interacting Bug!

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Okay. I signed up just so I can tell you about this really annoying bug. It's been around for at least 1 year which is enough. I was in my 76th day and I died because suddenly I'm not able to do anything except walking which is very very annoying. I had this happen to me before multiiiiiple times but I survived. This is really not good. I just can't with this anymore. It just made things very bad. Please fix it, please! I don't want to quit such a perfect game for a bug that can be fixed in less than an hour. I've seen articles about that bug before, but NO ONE is responding! Like come on, this is literally the worst bug ever possible. I have to wait so much time until it saves or I go back to a save that could even be days ago. This bug can not be fixed? that's alright by me! Just add an option for when to save and I'll set it to every 3mins, it's really depressing to lose a 76 day world for such an annoying bug. Please fix it I beg you. Thanks a lot..


TL;DR : Once in 4 days or 5 days, the games just freezes and all you can do is walk around and just wait until you're dead in the night, or you can come back to a 3 days ago save which isn't solving it.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you solve it soon.


I'm using a J7 2016 made by Samsung and it's currently on the official update of Android 8.1

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