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The fix for the “Late Game Blues”

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So I know I dont speak for everyone but I do feel the majority of the users for this game get tired out around 1000 cycles. This creates a problem. Now im not speaking to someone who has 15-20hrs in to the game im talking to my fellow 3-400+hr people


Why? Well because real difficulty of ONI and the sense of accomplishment that comes with mastering it, doesnt really start until about cycle 1300 which is when your basic resources start to run out, dirt, algae, etc. 


I have made bases and have seen others make bases that really require a minimal understanding of the game that easily skate to 8-900 cycles with really no issues at all. This creates the main problem in ONI... a lack of essential/meaningful late game things to do.


The goal....


First we have to identify what we are trying to fix... People still feeling eager and hungry after 8-900 cycles to keep pressing on.


The Fix.....


A robust expedition system....


Requires a rocket but instead of just going from planet to planet for resources or an artifact, you make it more refined, similar to dont starve and its skins...


Each mission would be based off a difficulty, the difficulty would be based off the following 


-equipment  and supply’s you bring with u, each built by more and more complex materials

-number of dupes

-skill points dupe have in a specific area.



Rewards would be things like


- skins that carry in to your next play through for dupes and buildings

-artifacts that go from game to game with perks(ie oxylite statues, carbon dioxide fridges, statues etc for decor.



By each of these missions only coming after the completion of the last to the outline of a small funny text story or something, it makes it so u have a real reason to make it as far as possible, some legendary items could be 2000-3000 cycles worth of side quests(to an extent).


I think this would really provide a cure for the late game blues this game seems to have after so many hours.


What do u guys think?

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