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[Bug report] Images bug after unlock device

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Device: Xaomi Redmi 

Model: Redmi note 7

Android ver. (MiUI ver.): 9 PKQ1.180904.001 (

Proc.: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660, Ram 4 gb

After locking and unlocking the device directly in the game, a bug appears with light and water.  At night it is seen how during the day and any light remains, even if remove the light source.

If use tuch id to unlock, the resolution of the game breaks, but the buttons remain in the right place






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I am also seeing this problem.  Unless I quit and save my game and go back to the start screen before switching apps or locking the screen, I also get very strange screen artifacts.

For instance:

1) The water at the end of the land is not redrawn and if it's raining I get streaking all over the place where the water should be.

2) At night I can see EVERYTHING (no occlusions or shadows) but if I venture outside of the normal radius of my campfire, the normal "can't see" text occurs and damage occurs as usual.


Don't starve Pocket version 1.14.2


  • Android Device : Galaxy Tab S4
  • Model Number : SM-T830
  • Android OS Version Number : 9
  • Device Manufacturer : Samsung
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