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WX-78 Refresh Idea

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With every character getting a rework it means even our favorite characters are gonna get changed for better or worse, but here’s an idea I have for WX.

Upgrade Tab: eating gears is overhauled and instead WX has upgrades he can craft and install!

  • Unlocks a new crafting tab with various upgrades
  • Upgrades take a day to install and a day to uninstall
  • Any upgrades equipped on Death are destroyed.
  • WX has a new slot for these upgrades.
  • Upgrades are permanent and don’t run on any kind of durability 

The upgrades: WX-78’s upgrades are meant to give him a humongous edge in certain specific aspects, giving him adaptability like no other!

  • Lightning Rod Upgrade: Crafted using 2 Electrical Doodads, 2 Gears, and 1 Volt Goat Horn. Gives WX a lightning strike priority higher than Lightning Rods, and contains the blast keeping structures save. This lets him gather Overcharge more naturally and efficiently, useful in just about every situation lightning is involved.
  • Preservation Upgrade: Crafted using 4 Bearger Fur, and 2 Gears. Gives WX 300 max hunger and a boost to eaten fresh foods stats.
  • Armored Upgrade: Created using a marble suit, 2 Gears, and 2 Red Gems. Gives WX 400 max health and a slight damage reduction. Slows movement speed.
  • Cooling Upgrade: Created using 2 Blue Gems, 2 Gears, and 1 Electrical Doodad. Gives WX a higher cooling effect, making it to where he can stave off summer’s heat with minimal effort.
  • Toasty Upgrade: Created using 2 Red Gems, 2 Gears, and 1 Electrical Doodad. Gives WX a higher insulation effect, making it to where he can stave off winter’s wrath with minimal effort, Cooling and Toasty are made to parallel each other.
  • Electro-Gauntlet Upgrade: Created using 2 Volt Goat Horns, 4 Gears, 6 Down Feathers. Gives WX an electric attack multiplier, similar to volt goat jelly. This is inspired by WX’s Gladiator and Matador skins both showing electrical punches. 

Other Changes: There’s some bits about WX’s character that I feel could be tweaked to better suit the character.

  • gains sanity for chopping trees and slaying creatures considered innocent. This is to reflect WX’s world domination nature
  • Can Overcharge off of charged lightning rods. It’s always been something that just made sense to me.

Downsides: WX is a character that suffers very little and easily ignorable problems. Some more downsides can help make him less easy mode.

  • WX still keeps his lower than average base stats despite being unable to eat gears.
  • Gets hungrier during Overcharge
  • No longer gains or loses sanity from eating. Food is just fuel to him.
  • Still damaged by wetness just the same.

And that’s the concept! I hope this idea creates discussion and opens people’s minds. I feel like talking about the “Holy Trinity” would be a touchy spot but WX was a character I always thought was just too easy and simple, and that’s coming from a dude who loves and mains him.

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