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I propose to introduce a joint game (not online)

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I propose introducing a game mode in which 2 people or a group of people begin to play on the same map generation. They have a goal or several goals to which they aspire in the shortest possible time.
All statistics are recorded and when the goal or the death of the opponent is completed, the game stops (can be continued at the request of the player)

You can save and continue the game, too, but you can't load backups saves, since this is a "challenge".

Enter statistics on how many games have been played and enter medals

You can add a bunch of different modes and created maps by the players themselves or play on official

Develop statistics and buns, for example:
You need to play 10 times and open some kind of card or play 10 times and win - open a closed developer card

There are many interesting options :)

The text was translated via google translate and for the quality of the translation, so please don't judge hard me))
Have a nice game and have a nice day!

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