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New character (v2)


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Wormicidae, the Aberrant Queen (pun not originally intended but welcome)



130 health (200 when Queen Womant is dead)

100 hunger (150 when Queen Womant is dead)

75 sanity (150 when Queen Womant is dead)


Special abilities:

Permanent pherostone effect, however, mants attack on sight if the Queen Womant has not been killed. If the Queen Womant HAS been killed, mants are friendly to her and can be recruited with food (even warriors).

Pigs hate her.

Can eat wood, maybe? Idk if that would be OP since wood is everywhere.

Can build antcomb homes. If Queen Womant is alive, mants spawned from antcomb homes she builds are friendly to her and hostile to regular mants. They also look different, and are maybe called "aberrants" because pun names. Once the Queen Womant is dead, Wormicidae's antcomb homes function exactly the same as regular ones.

Grows to a somewhat larger size once she takes the Queen Womant's place, gaining a large increase in all stats, as well as a new appearance.

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