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My 2019 wishlist for ingame/inbuild features and improvements.

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Dear Santa, I wish ONI to be a better game and in this list I'll tell how, I think, it can be achived:

Getting started

  • Better mod menu with following options: "enable all", "save current set", "load mod set", "disable all". I think there is no need for special explanations. 
  • Custom paintings. Just additional folder inside game folder where player can place chosen picture(s) and it will be picked by game and appear at some paintings. Just put few example files into it to give a clue about naming rule and required picture properties. 
  • Custom world size. It would be interesting to mess with world size and even more interesting to have option "size between" especially with trait "miscalculated pod location". Speaking about size restrictions, lets say with upper limit of 960 on X and Y. As far as I know current map size is always 256 x 384, so 640 x 640 should be bearable in performance. 
  • More world types: Shattered world - biomes clustered together in small numbers and clusters separated with vacuum; "Naked" world — this world is small and exposed to emptyness of space from all sides and comets can hit it from all directions. 
  • Detailed world generation options: Uprise and Discard world traits. Pick up to two world traits wich you want to appear (it will be forcibly added) and ban up to two traits you didnt want to appear (it will be removed from all rolls). Because, you know, ppl tend to reroll new world until they get only those traits wich they want. This at least can save them some time for something better. 
  • Detailed dupes generation options: Set minimal number of interests; Ban few traits (both positive and negative) you didnt want to appear. There the same problem as before, ppl tend reroll starting dupes till they get what they want. Lets save some time with it. 
  • Fixed Printing Pod activation time. With first arrival at the begining of 3rd cycle, second — beginig of 6th cyle, then 9, 12, 15, 18 and so on, regardless of the exact activation time all following prints will be ready at the begining of cycle. Only one requirement is true: printing pod must be used before the end of the cycle. 
  • Printing Pod reroll protection option. Simple option wich changes when print options are determined. If enabled print options determined at the momement when previouse print complete (1st print options determined when game starts). 



  • Bigger map and research screen zoom
  • Bigger build menu and grid (few rows) for material choise (more options visible at once). Seriously, what's wrong with you? 21st sentury on the yard! There is almost none of monitors lesser than 21" left! Why you keep pushing things into tiny embrasures and force ppl to endlessly scroll up and down? Stop it right now! 
  • Custom order and custom icons for overlay toolbar. Sometimes given order make no sence. Almost all the times it isnt possible to say wich icon leads for. Personally I want simle O2 icon for breathable overlay, heathy yellow zig-zag lightning for power grid overlay, drop of water for tubes and two simle wawy lines for vents overlay. Also it would nice to have better order for overlays, split in logical and bit more visible blocks: breathable, temp, materials, then power, pipes, vents, automatics, conveyors, then light, decor, deseases, then other special overlays and rooms in the end. Ofc it isnt fair te deside for all, so, it must be possible to adjust order manually. 
  • Custom order for construction categories and option to add specific buildings into several categories (like Sink in plumbing category or Atmo Sensor in ventilation). The same problem here: why Power put before Food? And why Sink isnt in Plumbing when its clear that it 100% water dependent thing? 
  • Quickbar. Additionall and custom toolbar in the left bottom corner (on top of the buildings) where player can save up to 10 prefered buildings for fast access, like wire, wire bridge, ladder, tile, insulator, vent, automatation wire, etc. Unused slots must be hidden and transparent for clicks. 


Abilities, Restrictions and AI

  • Option (in building context menu) to disable ALL notifications and warnings from chosen building. Because Im 100% sure that you have no need to see notification about lack of raw food when your cook already turned it into better food OR when some derelic structures spawned in oil biome and suffer from overheat, flooding or just already broken. Its annoing. 
  • Ruins deconstruction. Its another annoing thing when you cant remove some neutronium old wrecks from your way and must build around instead. 
  • Build over anything, replace ladders and automatically remove plants from the way. Build tiles and ladders and other stuff over plants. Airlocks over walls (replace). Machinery over ladders. 
  • Quick ladders and firepoles deconstruction. One more annoing thing is how long it takes for dupes to remove ladders. 
  • Miror/Flip option for all buildings with non symmetrical ins/outs and workplaces. For justice!
  • +1 to vertical reach for dupes (1 tile directly above and below dupe). To make ceilings without making another floor on top of this one. 
  • Smart Sinks Queue. How many times your dupes skipped hand washing after toilet? Say NO to it now! Insert some brains into pretty little heads of your minions! Based on how many sinks are available dupes will split into groups, go to the sinks and WAIT in queue untill sink is free, and will not ignore sinks if they are "busy" anymore. Should be also an option for sinks to set maximal queue size. 
  • Simle Separator Tool. Tool for simle wires, pipes, vents, autowires and convs separation without deconstruction. Beacause doconstruct to separate is silly. 



  • Termo Insulated Airlock and half sized versions of all airlocks (1x1; Trapdors / Hatches). Yes, I know that it is possible to make vacuum with 3 airlocks but can we keep things compact sometimes? Please? 
  • Fire pole T2. Just like plastic ladders — allows dupes to move faster. 
  • Hidden Vent Tile and Hidden Drainage Tile. Like airflow tile and mesh tile but didnt decrease decor. 
  • Refined metals available as construction material for airlocks, mess tables and other stuff. Because why not? Especially when steel is available for most of things? 
  • Storage Bin T2. Made of refined metal and plastic / insulator. Prestigious shiny new metal look. Same size. Didnt affect decor, hold up to ~25T, insulated or weak heat transfer rate (inside-outside), airtight (polluted dirt will continue to stink but gas will stay inside until some dupe open storage, the same should be true for melted ice). 
  • Oxygen Diffuser T2. Made of refined metal and plastic. Bigger than basic OD (3x2). Consumes 3 times more power and algae, produces 3 times more oxygen, Heat otput x2.66 (~). Have few output pipes. 
  • Upgrade to place deodorizer on walls and ceilings. (only stand should rotate)
  • Freezer. Prestigious new clear plastic / shiny metal look. Made of refined metal, insulator and plastic. Size 2x3. Capacity 500Kg. Insulated, airproof, waterproof. (Yes I like Co2 and Chlorine pits, but sometimes wish for some civility, can I?) 
  • Compact Egg Craka. Machine wich will crack eggs for you choose to. Size 1x2. Inner storage. Require 60W. Automatic. 
  • Manual Generator T2. Prestigious new clear plastic look. Made of refined metal and plastic. Produces ~500W and slighty less heat than basic manual generator. Dupes may even think that this is some kind of entertainment. 
  • Coal Generator T2. Prestigious deep gray metal look. Bigger than basic CG (4x4). Made of steel, plastic and insulator. Power output compared to basic CG x2, coal consumption x1.75 (~), Co2 output x2, Heat output x1.75 (~). 
  • Coal Generator carbone dioxide ouput x10. For justice! 
  • Wood Burner T2. Prestigious deep gray metal look. Bigger than basic wood burner (3x4). Made of steel, plastic and insulator. Power output compared to basic WB x2.66 (~), lumber consumption x2.25 (~), Co2 output x2.66, Heat output x2.25 (~). Requires 100Kg of water to start (manual input?) and from time to time releases some amount of steam (equal amount of water consumed from inner storage). 
  • Bottle Filler. Like canister filler but bottle filler. Require tube input. Do you know that there is no need for long shemes with tubes, pools and automtaic shut off mechanics if you can fill bottles directly from tube? 
  • Mechanized Bottle Emptier. Automatically emptyes bottles from its storage into output tube. Can hold up to 1000Kg of bottled liquids. 
  • Drain. Slowly drains liquid into attached pipe (50~100g/s). 
  • Vent In. When air pressure is above ~800 slowly drains gas into attached pipe (~5g/s and +5g/s for each additional 1000 of pressure?). 
  • Upgrade to make Bleach Stone on Oxylite Refinery. 
  • Automatic Rock Crusher. Prestigious deep gray metal look. Made of stell and plastic. Size 3x4. Power consuption compared to basic RC x2, heat output x1.66 (~), automatic, works twice faster. 
  • Prestine Cot. Prestigious new gray metal / white plastic cot. Made of refined metal, plastic and reed fiber. Size 2x2. Decor +5. Stamina +125%/cycle. 


Profession improvements

  • Mechatronic Enginireeng prolongs Tune Up effect duration for 1 cycle
  • Micronutrient Fertilizer cost x2, effect duration x2. Because effeciensy of 1 cycle buff is barely near 40% or even leser. 
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