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Headed Horseman (next Hallowed Nights idea)

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No it's not a typo, I meant "Headed". It would be the opposite of the "Headless Horseman" in that it has a congestion of many heads on his neck.

After watching some movies I thought about what more could be added to the Hallowed Nights event for next year, and then I figured "what about a headed horseman?". The idea of the Horseman would be an antagonistic figure that would serve as a event-specific mob while also being undefeatable, and would appear either 1.) Randomly or 2.) During a Full-Moon. When the Horseman appears it would lock onto a random nearby player and charge to them at a speed of 15% faster than them (15% faster at all times regardless of increases or decreases in speed such as Cobblestone roads, Walking Canes, and character speed boosts). If the Horseman catches the player it will chop off their head in a swift motion, and add it to their own horde.  As a result of losing their head, the player will have randomized controls and be unable to craft anything until they get their head back (no brain). Alternatively, if the player can manage to get away such as entering the caves, using a wormhole, or teleportation they would be safe. As to "how" they get their head back though....I dunno. One idea was that the horseman would replace the taken head with a jack O' Lantern the player has to throw back at him to get him to drop their stolen head. Most of what I said is kinda kooky I get that, but I figured a mob related to Hallowed Nights would be a great addition.

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