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Optimizations needed

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Pizzamonkey    1

Okay so I performed a little experiment. Turning off V-sync and measuring FPS just playing through various levels in the game on Potato and Ultra to compare the two.
So ultra ran at between 56-80 fps with an average of ~65.
And on potato... ran between 50-84 fps with an average of ~71.

What? How?

The textures and models are decimated in terms of resolution, so why does it improve by such a insignificant amount? I tried switching to potato because I didn't like it dipping below 60, much to my suprise, switching to potato didn't fix that. What's the deal with that? My computer has a pretty good graphics card compared to its CPU, but ideally that shouldn't effect frame rate so long as lava sim is off (which it was in both tests).

Is it just something with Unity? Is this something you can fix? I don't know, all I know is that it's frustrating when I'm trying to pull off a trick that has to fit within a few frames and those frames are being dropped. I really love this game, I just wish it didn't have this issue.

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