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Experiences from coolguy

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It is fun to discover these dilemmas on your own.

This covers a small portion of the general game with smaller focus on Oasisse since its primarily my favorite.

Made these notes today and decided to share them, i will probably update and extend this in the future



oxygen not included

improvements from previous oxygen not included runs



For the midgame/lategame. Having a layer wider than 1 square of insulated tiles surrounding the base is a good idea, the overall temperature of the base will try and near the average temperature of the all the insulated tiles(mostly oasisee problem applies elsewhere too)


Relying to heavly on gold amalgam instead of switching over to the renewable and stronger counterpart steel. (mostly oasisee problem applies elsewhere too)

METAL REFINERY - 70 kg Iron + 20 kg Refined Carbon + 10 kg Lime = 100 kg Steel.

  • Iron - Iron Ore, Meteros

    • Iron Ore - Very abundant

  • Refined Carbon - Coal at Rock Crusher

  • Lime - Egg Shells at Rock Crusher


Wort needs phoshorite which is not abundant in Oasisse. If this is a problem - you need a drecko farm.


Dreckos excretes phoshorite, hatches give coal and slicksters give oil and petroleum.

Have a farm in the drecko stable of either mealwood or balm lily, keep the stable at 35C° and beyond. (mealwood cant handle the desired temperature of drecko stable)

Once the stone hatches dominate, you no longer need to feed them sedimentary rock, switch over to a more abundant mineral.

Slickerster only care about temperature and C02.


others / good choices

using the excess water from water geyser without any setup (cooling or steam setup)

dont be afraid to burn coal as its probably abudant early on

switching over to ranching from farming sooner than later

collecting/saving C02 from plantation in gas reservoirs for slickster ranch


bad choices

pumping out excess oxygen outside of the base. This resulted in the gas heating up to 50-70C° which then returned into the base when doors open, since the gas in the base is of the same element. Would it have been hydrogen or C02 - it not switch have tresspassed.

refining ores out of necessity - ending up with an abundancy of refined metal but a storage in ores.

always relying on 1 layer of insulated tiles around the base










update. cycle 0-20

oxygen and food

oxyfern will be enough

mealwood will suffice

farm mealwood early so when you do need mealwood farm you have an abundancy of mealwood seeds

and save the hexaplant if you can as it has no spoilage timer, it can be used as "panic food" in dire situations

dont be afraid to waste dirt as it will last a long long time, you will also switch over to ranching as food source


update. cycle 0-40

oxygen and food

oxyfern will be enough

mealwood will suffice

manual generators works a while but dont be afraid to spend coal as its abudant early on and will be renewable after you create a hatch stable

the surroundings around the base should be hotter, if it is, i fully recommend building a wall of insulting tiles around your base (keep in mind that a layer wider than 1 is good)

dont spawn more dupes than your oxygen production can handle. If you are having trouble with oxygen, construct a electrolyzer in the base, this will produce alot of heat and hydrogen in your base, but can be solved rather easily, but dont rely on this as a sustainable process




gold amalgam is sucks, you know how coal is earlygame king, but then you switch over to plantation of different kinds.

Gold amalgam and steel works the same, gold amalgam is king earlygame but cancerous lategame, get that steel going.

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