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Hello I am fellow creative student


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Hello  I am student in Winnipeg of Canada. I have thought of brilliant DLC size mod idea where I want to make

However, I never done coding and I am very busy studying

So I wonder I can get help with art, music or coding

I know how to play piano or ocarina and I can write all the info about this DLC and share with you guys if wanted

I am thinking of Maze-like cave theme mod where characters tried to goto mountain and they cave got shut as they falls into pit. I am thinking of map layout to be similar to Halmlet Caves and Temples where it is room other than one big plain similar to Binding of Isaac. but with much bigger rooms.

I don't have that much time that I cannot help almost everyday for long time, but I have enough information to make wiki for it.

I want to make this mod feel very fitting to base game similar to how Binding of Isaac Antibirth mod surprised whole community for being well designed and feeling official. I really missed that charm in DS community where it felt like chinese Anime-looking mod that does not fit with game at all and info mod was about a mod I can find. Although there was mod like Up and Away or Creeps of the Deeps. they failed to be known popular to community that even major Streamers or Youtubers won't try it. I also felt they feel... not Don't Starve... 

I want to make Don't Starve or DS mod more well known and not be Mania Only game.

#Make Don't Starve Mod Alive Again

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On 2020. 1. 24. at 1:19 AM, GrantWilson said:

essay writer


Any progress on your ideas? I'm planning to make a video tour soon based on my maze. I'm a student at UoPeople (Computer Science), so I don't have much time either, but we could work together and create something decent.

I have made some Google docs documnent

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