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There should be more variety in rare resources on planets

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Generally speaking, there are four options hiding under question marks: Isoresin, Niobium, Fullerene and Abyssalite. The former three are obviously useful, since they're unique space materials you can't get anywhere.

Abyssalite, however? Ever since it stopped being a constructable material, abyssalite in debris form become garbage that is only ever used for one recipe. While space is the only renewable source of abyssalite, you will hardly ever actually need a renewable source, since there's so much of it on the map anyway (100t abyssalite is about 300 tiles' worth of insulated tiles made of Insulation). Outside of cases where you've demolished your entire map and still need more insulation pipes, a planet netting you abyssalite is always a disappointment. There should be a greater variety of random rare resources such as glass, tungsten, aluminum, diamond and so on instead.

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