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[Suggestion] Food-Related Bonuses Rework

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As a cultured foodie, I've always found that some foods and spices have different effects on the brain and the body. In DST, I've always felt that some items, even if spiced by Warly, may have negligible effects in terms of restoration. Spice is a wonderful aspect in food. Base foods like meatballs are definitely filling, but they aren't very-good in the health department. There are many vegetables, liquids, and proteins that make up why they give you 62.5 Hunger; why is the health regeneration rather-low? Proteins help to heal the body and be a source of energy, the same goes for carbohydrates. Sanity is another major factor, as when a dish is well-prepared, a personmay find it to their liking. While the +5 Sanity bonus is fine on some foods, it's still not-enough with others. Even if base changes are not made, said-changes can be better depending on the spice that Warly uses in his dishes; chili spice is a well-known component, which can make people sweat as a method of reducing excess heat from the body. With certain traits, it can provide a slightly-better bonus to sanity and health but at the cost of some hunger. Honey is very-sweet, is anti-bacterial, reduces inflamation and heals damages; Make no changes to hunger, rather provide a small increase to sanity, with a short buff of real-time minutes of a maximum at 5minutes on the rate at-which sanity goes down. Afterwards, the rate returns to normal. If too-much sugar is had, it can cause a "crash" as the body has expended a temporary source of active energy. For health, +5 would be a fine revision due to the medicinal properties. With garlic, this one is debatable; it has some alternative medicinal properties, though some people find it a difficult-to-acquire taste. Depending on the dish, special aspects can be designated depending on how they play out in daily life, translating it to the game.

All comments may post ideas about combinations and various other changes. If a mod exists for such of these adjustments, please link it!

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