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Question about world-hopping and getting truly random world creation?


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First, I've heard that when you world-hop (by "world-hop" I mean use the teleportato - not, jump between, eg, ROG and SW), the new world that's re-rolled is similar in some fundamentals to the one you just left. E.g., if there's a 3-MacTusk camp in the first world, it will show up somewhere in the second world, if there's two swamps in the first world, there will be two swamps in the second world. I'm not sure what all things repeat, but I know some important things do. Can someone confirm that this is true?

Second, if this is true, is it possible to break from this pattern and world-hop to a new, completely randomly-generated world by specifying some random world seed - or through some other method?

To give some concrete context, the world I'm on right now kind of sucks. It has a pathetic little desert that splits a continent with a deciduous forest biome right in half, so it loses all its tumbleweeds, and it has no volt goats. I have all three worlds linked and a stable way to keep resetting the Aporkalypse Calendar, a good coffee farm going in SW, etc., so I don't want to just start a new game, and would like the chance to roll for a better ROG world.

(I'm cross-posting this from the DS subreddit, FYI)

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