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George A

Idea: The Sculpture of Durian Clay - WES

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The structure is based on the 19th century gothic novel 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' by Oscar Wilde
The structure is intendet to be remniscent to the picture in the novel that took all the ravages of age, sickness and villainy from the protagonist, who (while the picture became more and more hideous) remained young and beautyful, but also bound to the pictures survival.

The Sculpture of Durian Clay should be a (mid- to endgame) reward to weak characters as wes (or maybe maxwell)
to whom it gives powerful buffs (e.g. extra hitpoints, more powerful baloons, speed bonus, passive and active damage modifiers, etc.) but also a terrible curse



In order to be a high-tier "reward" for Wes for surviving, it should cost accordingly:

  • the recipe should be craftable with the magic tab (or maybe the ancient pseudoscience station)
  • the sculpture should be craftable using the potters wheel (sculpt tab)
  • building materials include phlegm, papyrus, boards, nightmare fuel and loads of durian
  • maybe it should be upgradeable with rare items (scales, eyeball, pelt, gems, crowns, bone armor etc. to receive additional buffs)

But all this comes with a curse :o  being made from rot and durian it will decompose in 3 stages backfiring on the player
thus blackmailing the player to constantly maintain it (with rot, durian, monster meat, etc.) and provide protection (ice flingomat)

  • Stage 1 - fresh: all buffs at max (2 days)
  • Stage 2 - neglected: buffs reduced  (2 Days)
  • Stage 3 - rotting: negative buffs like constant HP and sanity drain (3 Days)
  • After 7 days without maintiniance the sculpture will fall appart

If sculpture gets destroyed (by rotting or by being smashed or burned) the player will suffer an huge immediate HP and sanity loss and some nasty penalties (speed reduction, damage reduction, e.g.) for 7 days.


Other possible side-effects

  • Sculpture should create insanity aura to other players
  • Maybe the sculpture could also alterate the environment (maybe change flowers into evil flowers, make food rot faster than usual
  • Maybe Pigs and Bunnymen could attack it on sight

What do you think?

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