The Cubes


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Hello. Thanks For Checking out my first map I made !

So Basically you start in a square that has resources in it and slowly discover other squares that have more resources in them and your goal is to reach the Last square (Note: there are 20 squares). You can continue playing after reaching the Last one. 

I Hope you enjoy it And have fun playing.

Please tell me if you found a bug or you want some upgrades .Also i want to mention that the mass of every tile is like 700 Kg -1000 Kg (And Im too Lazy to fix it) so you will find collecting resources so easy.


Here is the download: .Idyllic System.sav .

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Ok pretty nice. But I thought the starting water was supposed to be filled and already searching the web for a fix. I realized to late that there was only 300g per tile. Challenging start with only a few kilos of water. But challenging was the of this map aim anyway. 

thank you for the map

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