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Ability to combine/extend boat with rope or boards

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I have been playing Don't Starve Together and currently play most of the game on a boat together with some people I met while playing the game.
1 person is the captain that steers while others do the sails / anchor / repairs / cook etc.
Anyway this works reasonably well with 2 players, however with more we have issues with the size of the boat being too small.

Having discussed it with the other players we came up with a few solutions.
1. Allow a boat to drag another boat with a rope.
Note 1: Detach the boats by allowing the player to cut the rope.
2. Allow a boat to be extended with one or more boards.
Note 2: Detach the boats by hamering the extention boards.
3. Allow for a bigger boat kit that requires more materials.

Side note: It would also be pretty cool to be able to jetski using a rope and boards as ski's.

It should be relatively easy to implement since we can reuse existing items like rope and boards for this feature.
I really hope you can help us out.



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