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Changing the look of the default character (DS)


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I'm trying to change the look of a default character, but I'm a terrible artist so I'm trying to replace her with the look from the mod I liked.

What I do is take two files from that character mod:

1) the tex file from the bigportraits folder, I rename it to willow.tex and replace the default willow.tex file with it in data\bigportraits;

2) the atlas-0.tex file from the anim folder's zip, I place it into the data\anim\willow.zip file, overwriting the default atlas-0.tex file. Note: I tried overwriting the default build.bin, as well, while editing it to refer to willow, but the game crashes if I do that, so I just leave it alone.

The end result: Willow has a new look, however, it's all messed up.



P.S. I know some programming (although not lua), and from studying some mod files I understand how to make simple edits to character mods, like changing values of max health\sanity\hunger, giving them passive perks, etc. But I have no aspiration to learn how to make and compile mods, I just want to play the game! If at all possible, please tell me the simplest way to succeed in doing what I need.

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