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In Line Oxygen Purifier/De-Odorizer

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When setting up Exo-Suits or Liquid Oxygen system, or just expanding a base, especially maps with polluted oxygen vents, or many large polluted oxygen chambers, there is no really elegant way to purify the oxygen and send it directly to an Exo-Suit dock while new polluted oxygen is being added other than a gas filter but then your not using the polluted oxygen, just bypassing it, it would be nice to have an In-Line oxygen purifier/De-Odorizer that you could hook right into the gas pipes that turns the polluted oxygen into pure oxygen that can easily be used to anything from exo-suits to liquid oxygen systems or the telescope or just to supply the base with oxygen. Like this...

Pump(polluted oxygen)=====In line purifier====storage/LiO2/Exo-suit/Base vent


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