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QoL - Solid / Liquid / Gas Disinfection via Buildings

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Current methods for water / oxygen / any other stored item - disinfection are currently tedious, not beginner friendly or apparently obvious – except for the ore scrubber which is pretty straight forward.

Current methods usually rely on one or more of the following:

  • Chlorine submerged liquid / gas / reservoirs and timer / buffer gates / door exploits to ensure the contents remain in the room long enough for all the germs to die.

  • Heating / cooling of the contaminated items to kill the germs.

  • Waiting for the germs to die normally (e.g. slime lung in clean oxygen).

  • Just venting to space / destroying the contaminated items.

To address this I suggest the addition of “smart” liquid and gas reservoirs and adjustment of the current “smart storage bin” to also include the following features:

  • An optional power input (required for automation signals and disinfection of contained items).

  • An optional gas input (for chlorine gas – required for disinfection of contained items) – buildings could consume somewhere between 50 – 1000 g/s a second while powered – the chlorine is consumed (destroyed) in the same fashion as the ore scrubber – max input temperature 50°C.

  • Disinfection effect – kills off 100,000 – 500,000 germs if the above conditions are met.

  • Two automation outputs, One automation input (I’m not sure if this is possible on buildings – if not the same logic applied to the current smart storage bin would be fine) – Input would be to turn the unit on / off (it could be set to do this automatically if germs are detected within its coding?), the outputs would be based on storage level (same as the smart storage bin) and germ count.

These new buildings would be found under the base tab and would be unlocked via a new researchable technology such as “Advanced Disinfection” that could follow on from the ore scrubber or medicine techs (or require them both?).

The building models themselves could be slightly tweaked versions of the current models (like the storage bin vs. smart storage bin) and could be considered upgrades to the default buildings that you’d use for specific things e.g. water / oxygen disinfection; requiring more to build and potentially advanced materials.

Overall this would make germ management significantly easier, more user intuitive and seems a rational development during the game via research – it also sets up a good framework for disease management if more are added later – hazardous waste anyone?


Edit - Another idea to add to this: "Disinfection Checkpoint" a 2 x 3 to 4 x 4 sized building that takes power and chlorine gas (if either is missing it acts as a normal door) when a duplicant passes through they are disinfected (themselves and exosuit if they are wearing one), sends on / off automation singal depending on use state - would be perfect for colony etrance / exits to the "outer" enviroment for mining, etc and would work nicely with dupe checkpoints.

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