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Hi, recently i was thinking about future dlc and content, and i want share some ideas, hope you like it:

-jurassic content (maybe dlc for base game or DST event): in this update about lore, our characters try to escape from the constant with the ancient gateway and will end up in a jurassic constant, with the jurassic shadows and jurassic creatures (raptor instead hounds, for example), and that's it, the rest of the content i leave with the klei development.

-a oriental or feudal japan/chinese content, with okame cherry trees, creatures inspired in the yokais/demons/spirits culture, phoenix and something like that (i leave the rest with klei)

-a mystic celtic content, with faeries, elves, goblins, mages and witchs with pointed hats, focus in the nature and a mob interation with the game ambient, for example: gnomes living in old oaks, but my dreams in a content like that die with the hamlet, with this medieval ambient (i love it, this is not a crit)

And that's it, just my suggestions, i thinking about this during a shower, so sorry for the lack of details.

A wigfrid samurai for feudal japan example (i dont know who is the author, sorry)





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