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Gamepad bug on iOS.

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KiaraNyasha    0

Hello. Thank you for great game, but unfortunately i have to report on discomfort bug about Don't Starve: Pocket Edition.

I'm playing on iPad 2018 ( 9.7" display ) with fresh iPadOS 13.1 and DualShock 4 connected via BlueTooth. And theres one problem about it. As i see, game have most likely full support for gamepad ( like pc version ) but i noticed bug that i didnt found on pc version when im played with the same gamepad.

So, to open bottom panel ( which inventory ) i have to press R2 ( RT ). And when im close it back, the numbers which display how many items of that i have, became bigger than it was before. If that value became big ( like 10 and more ), it make hard to understand what is this actually in that slot of inventory. 

To fix that i need to reload save but after open up inventory again - numbers became big again. And that bug found only if i play without Reigns of Giants expansion. If i turn it on, bug disaapear, if off - its back. 

I hope you can fix that. Love to play you game, so more comfort with gamepad but that bug is ... not good :)

Link to video captured on my iPad to display that bug. Maked 2 new game saves to test bug without and with RoG expansion:

Thank you. Hoping for update :).

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