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Ideas for Shank 3


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Okay so let me just state that it's possible that Shank 3 will never see the light of day which will disappoint many customers. I am however going to state possible features for Shank 3 if it was ever made.


1. Have it be a Metroidvania

2. You can switch between Shank, Falcone, or Corina at any point in the game

3. Chosen character affects dialogue from NPCs

4. You have a rage bar that fills up as you take and deal damage. Once activated you deal double damage for a short amount of time.

5. You gain access to all your weapons from your previous adventures but you have to find them first.

6. You can switch between your acquired weapons freely like in the first Shank.

7. You can acquire money that's used to upgrade your gear to deal more damage or increase your defenses.

8. Have permanent health, stamina, rage, and ammo capacity upgrades littered throughout the game world.

9. Have optional secret bosses

10. A Gauntlet of sorts that allows you to fight wave after wave of enemies.


That's all the ideas I got so far.

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