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Dupes not delivering to distiller

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Hi, problem is pretty much the title. I have a petrol gen supported by 4 ethanol distillers, and dupes mysteriously stopped delivering to the distillers. I tried the following:

1. checked lumber stockpile; not terribly low, not unreachable

2. distillers not unreachable; dupes running in and out of room for other things

3. tried allow/disallow and rebuilding them

4. all four distillers have nothing on errand tracker

5. checked other buildings requiring supply, they all have errand listings

6. checked my piping, everything is connected and flowing the correct direction (which wouldn't affect supply errand but meh)

7. restarted the game


All four distillers are set to 9 priority (screenshot says 8, but its the same no matter what it's set to). I'm not sure what to do at this point other than feel really dumb and sad. Pls halp





Edit: Nevermind, restarting the game a few more times "fixed" it. The hundreds of morbs are probably at fault.

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