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Lazy & Compact Metal Volcano Setup (Yet Yet Another One)

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Hey everyone,

I've seen a lot of different metal volcano setups, but not many seem to just stick the volcano directly into the steam room... so here goes.  I've attached screenshots of the setup.  It is rigged to my main power grid, and also doubles as a regular aquatuner room (the tuner is cooling the turbine/metal and also my base in this case, there is a lot of extra capacity here).


Basically, sweeper picks up the metal once the room steam room is cool enough.  The metal is routed through the steam room to extract more heat as it passes into the turbine room.  Metal circulates in turbine room enough the room reaches an acceptably low ambient temperature.  Metal exits the room through the conveyor shut-off when it is low enough.  For my setup, the metal was 60c as it left.


I've tested this build with other metal volcanos as well, in the case of higher temps, you may want to increase the amount of water in the steam room, and add mechanized airlocks to the steam turbine ports based on temp. 


I've also built a version that functions outside of the main power grid by rigging a bunch of batteries to the setup.  It generates enough power once primed to power a dedicated steam turbine and the machinery, but you really need to limit what else is being cooled by the turbine or it may not be self sufficient








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